Wednesday, 30 July 2008

That's just life

The kids have been asking, "When exactly are we moving into the new apartment?"

We're finally getting the keys next week and then what? I'm not sure. I have already postponed all furniture delivery till a later date, not sure exactly when... Simply put, I have lost momentum. After months of waiting, the excitement has somewhat fizzled out. Maybe I'll find that enthusiasm when I actually get hold of the keys.

The month of August is not exactly the best time for moving house or acquiring new property according to the Chinese calendar. I shall not go into details but it coincides with the Month of the Hungry Ghost. So, I'm in quite a bit of a dilemma. To move or not to move, that is the question.

Back at our current home, everything is still humming along as usual. Mum has been feeling poorly lately. Sometimes I return home to find her sitting in the corner, looking so sunken and sad. The tumour is affecting her well-being. Perhaps it has something to do with her age and consitution as well. She suffers from dizzy spells, headache, ear-ache, throbbing sensations all over her scalp and face. As if not enough, on most days, even chatting leave her breathless and weak.

Having visitors will not bring her much cheer because it is such a strain for her to talk for too long. Too much noise around her will make her head feel like exploding and her heart palpitate wildly. It is understandable why she feels miserable and depressed on some days.

It's sad to know that when a person is unwell, family and friends can rally around to provide support and love but ultimately the sick is still the one feeling the pain. The others will go on with their own busy lives.

Yesterday, she was a little more cheerful and bright. It comforts me to catch such glimpses of her in her old happy self. Living with her gives me an opportunity to monitor her progress. Once we start to live apart, this little opportunity that I had always taken for granted will no longer be there.


The World According To Me said...

I know all about searching for enthusiasm! But I have a funny feeling it will come flooding back when those keys are firmly in your hand!

I'm sending well wishes to your mum too. And hoping for peaceful, brighter days.

Nick Phillips said...

Hey BT, just dropping by to wish your mom some good cheer and she's lucky to have a daughter like you who cares about her well being.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ahhhh I will rather wait then to move in the hungry ghost month.
Take your time Ting, it is better to be good than sorry.