Monday, 7 July 2008

Lunch treat

Since it is Youth Day, I treated the boys to lunch at their favourite restaurant today. It was already past lunch hour, the restaurant was empty except for two giggly school girls.

The kids grow up eating mostly seafood and fresh vegetables, so naturally they have an affinity for seafood-based dishes. In case you're wondering, Thai Express serves alot of curry dishes featuring beef and chicken too.

Seafood Phadthai - YK's all-time favourite.

The Seafood Tom Yum soup is very spicy but YK never fails to order this.

The softshell crab drenched in curry sauce is SK's favourite. He only orders this at Thai Express.

Since I have no favourite, I try a different item everytime. This is glass noodles stirfried with fresh prawns and egg. The prawns are so fresh and 'bouncy', even the boys loved it.

I also ordered the special Thai fried cuttlefish. The lightly battered crispy pieces are coated in a sweet tangy sauce, a very delicious side dish indeed!


The World According To Me said...

I'm glad I'm eating my lunch while looking at these pics, otherwise I would be hungry!

They look delicious. Apart from the prawns! Personally I can't eat prawns.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

SOUL: said...

always fooooood.... or somethin better-- it seems.
i still wanna move in with you--
any strange dreams lately? :))
happy monday..

Blur Ting said...

Oh World, I hope you're enjoying lunch. Pity you can't eat prawns, they're one of my favs!

Blur Ting said...

Hi Soul, good to see you! I eat way too much huh? You should come here so I can feed you some soul food.

Anonymous said...

YUM..... in the US...there is a "Panda Express" for Chinese food.. That's funny in SQ they would have a "Thai Express"!...It all looks VERY good and Pad Thai is my FAVORITE too!

sexy momma said...

looks yummy! ;-)

Amel's Realm said...

ARRRGGGHHHH...this post is KILLING me! I haven't had dinner yet and I've been craving for FRESH seafood for some time. Sob sob sob...well, only 3 months more to go before I can eat some of these he he he...