Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Before & after

Tonight's dinner centered around vegetables picked from the garden. Here is what the kai lan looked like before cooking:

Here it is after stir frying with minced garlic and oyster sauce. I've never tasted kai kan that is so crisp and crunchy. Even the stems snap off with every bite. I'm not saying this because I grew them but they are much better than the ones from the market which tend to be chewy and tough.

Here is my spring onion in the garden.

Here it is, after being chopped up and incorporated into the beansprout dish which was cooked with small dried scallops and fresh tomato.

I should have harvested the spinach last week. I waited too long until flowers started to grow along the stem. I had to discard the stems as they became too tough and fibrous.

The leaves were tossed into a seafood soup featuring several kinds of fish cake.

Finally, here is one dish that has nothing to do with my garden. It's a quick stirfry using fresh shrimps and mixed vegetables. Simple but nice.


huier said...

ehh...never seen this type of kailan before, looks more like spinach to me leh...

Blur Ting said...

Huier - If you go to the market, you'll be able to find it. I've bought similar 'locally grown' ones too. But they don't taste as nice as mine :-) I'm just bias!

huier said...

tks! i will certainly go look now! i trust your taste! =)