Wednesday, 18 February 2009

High flyer

I have no more meetings today. My colleague leaves on the 11.30am flight to South Korea. Even then, he has managed to squeeze in two morning meetings before his flight out. After Seoul, he'll adjourn to Shanghai, then Hong Kong before returning to the UK. He's a hard worker and I've never seen him take time off to shop or relax on his whirlwind tours. He's the partner of the firm afterall, one who calls himself a dinosaur in our industry.

Still, his hectic schedule is nothing compared to our customer, the boss of a large shipping line who is known to fly to Shanghai just to attend a business dinner and then back on the same night. Traveling to far flung locations via several flight connections to attend business meetings is part and parcel of his job. He has no time to waste.

In case of domestic flight delays, plan B kicks in. The contingency plan is an elaborate logistics nightmare involving 8 hour drives from one province to another and a change of drivers and cars along the way. Just listening to this makes me feel totally drained. I can't even last a day living a life like that!

So you see, being rich and famous is hard work. I've seen how many of them work and I'm not envious at all. For all the work they do and the risk they're exposed to, they really deserve all that salary.

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EE said...

It is DEFINITELY not worth it! Many are just in lifelong pursuits
of fame and fortune. I am glad I have learnt my lesson!