Thursday, 26 February 2009

Mutton dressed as lamb

CH's friends are getting married next month and we're invited to an Indian themed wedding. So I was back at my parent's house, rummaging through my wardrobe in search of my Punjabi suits I bought eons ago in Little India.

It's a wonder they still fit but gosh, what was I thinking when I bought these outfits! One is in a strong green hue with silver threads while the other is a lighter shade of green. They must have been flattering at one stage but now they don't do a thing for my ego when I looked in the mirror. Mum kindly suggested I could easily find a lovelier one at the stores in Little India, at least they don't look so dated and mumsy.

But I remember Punjabi suits aren't the cheapest things around. I paid afew hundred dollars for these and I don't think I've even worn them at all. All I could recall now were the boutique ladies flocking around me cooing in unison "Ooooh, this looks so good on you. Look at how the green flatters your fair skin."

Enchanted by the chorus of accented voices and praises, I was dizzy with joy and handed several big notes with a silly grin on my face. Thinking back, that must have been their sales tactic. They've honed their skills on unsuspecting tourists out for a cultural experience, now they've reeled in another willing customer.

Now that I'm more sensible, I wonder if it is wise for me to go out and buy another Punjabi suit to add to my collection. It's likely going to languish in the darkest corner of my wardrobe after the Indian themed wedding.

I also dug out some forgotten dresses yesterday. One's a Ralph Lauren floral dress that I wore to Mother Hen's wedding many years ago. It still looks brand new because I have only worn it twice. I proved to mum that despite it's tiny size, I could still fit into it.

So, I ended up trying a blue sundress, a black cocktail dress and a couple of sexy little outfits. They all still fit me but it's just not the same anymore. Somehow, I feel like mutton dressed as lamb. Some clothes are just meant to stay in the darkest corner of the wardrobe and never be seen on my body again.


charlie hotel said...

Oh come now... You're a lamb chop at the most :-) Your wardrobe is too dark nowadays. Needs more colour!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

i agree! even if you're a mutton, you're those tender as lamb! hahahahahaha......

** me mom is the Forever Lamb for her years! people always say how young she looked and pleased her no end. =_=!!

K@ye_ and i were commenting in our cook-out that you looked very young in your blend-in-the-cushion pictures wor!

can lah, wear it lah. just do it! remember to take peekchure then blog to share ah! keke....

Rummi said...

if u are around 1.68m tall, u can loan mine (fotos available)la;)

3 to choose from :

1) Beige punjabi suit from india
2) Peacock blue punjabi suit from pakistan
3) black saree with exquisite gold embroidery... but then u may look like the bridesmaid, hehe


Blur Ting said...

CH - Really? You must say something nice or else this lamb will chop you up right?

Blur Ting said...

Fry - I saw your mum's photo, she is very pretty with nice features. That's why her kids all have nice features and a fine nose :-)

And thank you for your compliments. Of course put picture on my blog must choose the nice ones lah. :-)

Blur Ting said...

Rummi - You're so kind! I'm 4cm shorter but you forgot to ask me about my vital stats. LOL.

Let me try on mine again this weekend and see properly if it's flattering.

Once again, thanks for your offer! Will let you know if I need it. It's not my wedding you know! :-)

Rummi said...

hi blurting, 4cm can be booasted by a pair of high heels, so its no problem.

bridemaids-like refers to option 3. 1 & 2 are ok, hehe.

let me koe later if u wanna try 1 & 2 la.

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

ai yah!

*blush + runs away to hide behind coconut tree*


The Real Mother Hen said...

I think Green is a perfect color.

PS: I still wear the sweaters and pants that you gave me, and yes treasure them dearly :)

k@Ye_ said...

Hehe, Agree with Rummi... Height can be helped by heels unless ur knees can take it!

Ya, must take peekchure!! I also wanna see...

Could u take pix of the clothes? Mabbe i can give u suggestions to make it not so lamby & save $$? :P