Thursday, 26 February 2009

Over dose

At the dinner table last weekend, YK was lecturing me about my eating habits. "Mummy, you're becoming like Wai Por (my mum). You're eating too little and everything that goes into your mouth must be healthy, must not too oily or salty. No wonder you're always so sleepy."

When Wai Por heard that, she also started lecturing me. "You better eat more. You've been like that since young. Even your grandma used to nag and say your intestines will shrivel up if you go on like this."

Now I have 3 generations nagging at me about my diet. As far as I can remember, I was always on some kind of diet. Dad onced warned me about the consequences. His clerk used to go on medical leave because of gastric pains. Of course at that time, the advice just flew over my head. Looking good was paramount!

I indulge every now and then but generally I live on a very simple (boring) diet. I've been surviving on wholemeal bread for breakfast and lunch all week. I bought a loaf on Monday morning and I've to finish it before it expires. Nobody else eats brown bread at home, so it's all mine. I've finally finished the last slice for lunch today and won't be touching wholemeal bread for next few weeks.

It's the same scenario when I buy a pumpkin. The kids do not share my love of pumpkin, so I'll be eating steamed pumpkin all week ad nauseam. And then it's sweet potatoes. It's an endless cycle I tell you.

I can go on all day to defend my eating habits but I must agree, I do need more variety and quantity.


EE said...

OOPS... Have you decided what we are going to have for dinner tonight? I DUN WAN PUMPKIN ;-)

Nick Phillips said...

Urmmm, I'm probably going t sound like a nag but I think they're right ... hehehe ...