Sunday, 1 February 2009

Love it!

I'm Yours is such a mood lifter, I'm bobbing to the beat while chatting with best friend about our gardening venture. I feel like discarding my corporate attire, donning my straw hat and working up a sweat in the garden. I need to grow some vegetables like now!

We need a new logo, a website and photos. We're doing our R&D and conducting experiments in our own backyard. Tomorrow, we're meeting at the wholesalers to check out some supplies and then at our farm to brainstorm some more.

She says must bring dim sim and snacks and have afternoon tea while we work because WORK MUST BE FUN TOO!

Yay, I love this job already!


Schmidt said...

Hip hip hurray!Faith and optimism are contagious! I am very happy for you!

The World According To Me said...

Yep, work must be fun too! It sounds like a fine idea to me.

charlie hotel said...

Go Blur!