Sunday, 1 February 2009

Worker ant

Today I read about the boss of Thai Express in the papers. He's only 33 years of age but in 6 short years, he has grown his restaurant business from a small cafe to a 76-outlet behemoth! What impressed me most is, he did this all by himself. Though his father-in-law is extremely wealthy, he did not accept any help and wanted to prove that he could do this on his own. Well, he has a big ego but he is so driven, he became very successful.

It makes me wonder if I were in his shoes, would I reject the luxurious penthouse offered by his father-in-law and choose to rough it out in a small rented apartment? I'm quite sure I would. I am not sure if my ego is as big as his but I would feel extremely uneasy and obligated to accept gifts or easy money like that.

It's almost every young lady's wish to find a rich man, marry him and live the good life. Well, I've never had that dream. Instead, I've always wished I could earn my keep and be independent. I like living in a house I have paid for and find it more fulfilling to pay for my own vacations. Similarly I like building a company from scratch without soliciting help from all over. I always like a rags to riches story. Even if I get really lucky and had a windfall, I would still find something useful to occupy my time.

Mum says I'm born to be a worker. I think so too. I'm not a 'queen', I'm just a worker ant.


Schmidt said...

Can't agree more. People who rely on themselves find more contentment throughout their lives. We do not rely on an external source for fulfillment.

Nick Phillips said...

I know what you mean. Even if I struck a million bucks I'd still want to do something with my life ...

Now if only striking that million would be so easy ... LOL!