Saturday, 14 February 2009

My father & my son

My father never fails to amaze me. I always have great respect for him but my admiration grows with every passing day. When I returned home yesterday, I found out he has been quietly organising the vegetable growing corner for me.

Over the past week, he had instructed the workers to build wooden stands with net covers so that we could grow vegetables on the raised racks and other shady plants on the ground below. The racks were ergonomically built to the right height so that we don't have to strain our backs when we work. They will be putting in new automatic sprinklers to draw water from the well too. All these thoughtful acts were carried out by my dad without any instructions from me.

I was reiterating to mum again how intelligent, motivated and diligent my dad is. She totally agreed and said, "This kind of man is hard to come by hor?" I can't agree more.

The plot that my dad selected is near the reservoir. Here is a gorgeous view of the resevoir just steps away from our farm. I'll get to enjoy this view more frequently if I spend more time there.

We stayed for a sumptuous dinner as usual. SK had been bugging me to bring him prawning, so we swung by the prawn farm at Pasir Ris for a couple of hours of prawn catching. To be honest, I never liked the idea of catching live stock and secretly hoped he wouldn't catch a single one.

At the farm, you will be given a rod with a tiny hook and a dish of bait. You sit by the pond with the rod in the water and wait until you get a bite. SK only managed to haul up 2 prawns after 2 hours.

Meanwhile, I sat around with Rusty. YK wasn't there as he was out with his friends. Rusty spent the evening playing with a black pup at the farm. I was told the pup's mother (I heard she has died) was a Jack Russell like Rusty too. No wonder they had such great connection and the pup wanted to follow us home!

When the time was up, SK brought his catch home in a bag. On the way home, he felt immensely sorry for the prawns and wanted to put them in a tank with air bubbles when he got home. He says he doesn't want to do any more prawning again. It's too cruel. My kids are soft hearted like me.


Schee said...

macIt runs in the family! Your parents and you espouse good virtues of kindness, love, hard work, and treating others with respect. Karma of good deeds will serve one well.

charlie hotel said...

Black pup looks tall. I wonder how his parents got it on...

Blur Ting said...

According to the owner, the pup is already a year old. It's only slightly bigger than Rusty and I doubt it will grow much bigger. The father must be a black mongrel. There were several mongrels around there last night.

auntielucia said...

You n your son are so right abt "live" things. I make it a point never to order "live" seafood at restaurants, if I'm hosting. If guest, I always ask not to be served such food. It's hypocritical, some hosts/friends have told me, reminding me that all meat is the result of an animal/fish dying, even if we don't get to be close by during the execution. My retort: that's y I eat everything on my plate so that no animal/fish died in vain.

The World According To Me said...

Three cheers for you Dad. God bless him.

Love the view.

But I still hate prawns!

Blur Ting said...

Auntie lucia - Thanks for dropping by. I have made it a point not to buy live seafood or choose them for dinner. But I'll eat what's been served on my plate.

Blur Ting said...

World - Yes, we're lucky to be blessed with such good views.

Prawns are nice :-)