Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hungry and angry

Have you ever wondered how this saying "An angry man is a hungry man" or is it "A hungry man is an angry man' came about? Whatever it is, have you ever been really really hungry?

Well, I was so hungry yesterday evening, I became angry too. See, I don't normally eat unless I am hungry. My tuna sandwich kept me satiated for a long time yesterday, I didn't even need to eat lunch. I brought SK back to my office for math tuition after school, then I went to the container yard (which is very far away) at 3.30pm to survey some containers.

It's a huge yard and I had to walk alot. By the time I got back to the office in the evening, I was starving. On the way home, we were stuck in peak hour traffic. I was grouchy and angry. Poor SK had to sit next to his sooty faced mum.

Best friend called me to chat. I spoke for a bit, got distracted and told her we should chat later (in case I start yelling at her). A couple of clients called and I had to be civil and nice but when they hung up, I switched back to my angry mode. Idiotic drivers who cut into my lane got scolded and the hoggers got hooted. SK knew better than to annoy me, so he kept quiet. Man, I was so hungry I could eat a horse.

I wasn't even thinking of cooking dinner, so we packed some food home. I couldn't even wait for YK to come home, I ate my share quickly. By the time YK came home, I was in a good mood again.

Don't come near me when I'm extremely hungry or I'll growl! Grrrr


charlie hotel said...

I'll carry some candy bars when we go out...

The Real Mother Hen said...

CH is so lovely :)