Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Business plan

I started writing a business plan yesterday. Nobody told me to do it. I just thought it would be good to put one together. I trawled the Internet for case studies and garnered tips and lessons from other similar business owners. The stories were inspiring and I felt so motivated, I started typing furiously, putting my thoughts and vision into the plan.

Best friend and her hubby think my thoughts are very well articulated in the draft. I can only say I am driven by passion and that words come easy when you're inspired.

I remember years ago, I was tasked to write many business plans to raise funds for our dot-com business. The potential business was the brainchild of my ex-husband. I didn't feel the same passion and couldn't see the same vision as he did. I struggled so much with the writing. I felt that I was penning rubbish because my heart wasn't in it. He tore up and tossed so many of my drafts into the bin until I wanted to tear my hair out. I was in tears many times but I couldn't give up because funding was at stake. We managed to get some angel funding eventually. No wonder that business dissipated into thin air along with the dot-com crash.

Sometimes I wonder if employees ever feel the same fervent passion as business owners when it comes to work.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

just ask them if they love their work. a negative answer = no passion liao lor....

WaterLearner said...

All the best in your new business venture!

Nick Phillips said...

If you don't have passion for your work, then I guess all is lost. I'm glad to say I still have the passion for my work :D

And all the best in your business venture :D

Schee said...

It does strike a chord within me..

Take on the reins girl!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Remember to eat well before you write :) it helps

And not forgetting eat well before you work too :)