Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I was at Vivocity this afternoon to check out a restaurant where we'll be hosting a business lunch when my colleague arrives from London next week.

Since I was already there, surrounded by so many wonderful distractions, I couldn't pull myself from the boutiques and ended up with some purchases.

I had no idea why I walked into this cheongsum shop that sells oriental wear. Almost all the cheongsum tops were colourful and flowery but I spotted a silk one in black and white featuring bold and simple floral prints. I tried it on and it flatters my figure. Cheongsums have this magical power to make one look curvy and slim at the same time. It's mine now!

I've been looking for a tee shirt to replace my favourite worn-out one (below) without success.

Guess what I found today? A pretty similar one in a looser cutting. The weather's been so hot lately, this will be perfect for days when I have to visit the container yard.

Finally, I bought these cushion covers at Studio Tangs at a whopping 70% discount. These will replace the ones I have at home (which are identical and bought from the same shop last year) which are getting faded and have broken zippers.

Don't you think they look like they're cut from the same cloth as my tee-shirt? It cracks me up when I think of those comic strips where everything at home matches, from hubby's boxers and wife's dress to the curtains, sofa sets and bedsheets!


mooiness said...

Heheh imagine if the entire couch was in that fabric, and you are sitting on it wearing that t-shirt. Awesome camouflage. :)

Burcu said...

Heyy Blurr... You're so bad!:) I envy you. This cheongsum is perfect, you look great in it! And i still don't have 1.But the cheongsum i want is a little different than this.It's a kind of short-sleeved (not without sleev).

How much do they cost Blur? Maybe i can order you an original cheongsum from China eh? :)


The Real Mother Hen said...

The Cheongsum looks pretty!

Nick Phillips said...

Wifey and me have been searching for cushion covers for ages and can't seem to find one we like. When we do find one, it's the wrong size ... siggghhh ...

I like the covers you got there.

Blur Ting said...

Mooiness - That would be fun actually!

Blur Ting said...

Burcu - That shop has lots of differnt cheongsums. Most of them come with sleeve. I like them with or without sleeves actually. The cost varies from shop to shop but you can get a nice one for below US$100. Mine was about US$60 but it was on sale. I paid only half price!

Blur Ting said...

MH - I think so too :-)

Blur Ting said...

Nick - I love interesting cushion covers but am reluctant to pay alot for them. These were going for such low prices, I couldn't resist.

Can you believe I have a rug in my living room with the same black & white stripes too?

I think it is a case of stripes overload now!