Thursday, 12 February 2009

Dinner & Fat dog

Tonight's dinner was made in a hurry because I came home late and was starving. So I rustled up some dishes quickly using vegetables from my garden and other things.

Here is a simple omelette cooked using chopped spring onions (from the garden) and eggs, seasoned with a little pepper and soy sauce.

I harvested all my kang kong today and here's what the dish looks like after stir frying with garlic and oyster sauce.

Finally, I must flaunt my pretty lettuce leaves which I paired with a roast chicken picked up from the supermarket on my way home.

Even though the lettuce looks beautiful and hydrated, they were rather bitter. However, it goes very well with chicken drenched in teriyaki sauce. We ate up every single leaf.

Finally, here's my fat dog. After recovering from his recent illness, he has gained back his appetite. I'm happy he's well again. Instead of putting him on a diet, I bring him on long walks at night. That way, we both get our much needed exercise.


charlie hotel said...

Roly-poly Rusty :-)

Burcu said...

Blur, chickens looks very tasty! You everytime do that, it's 5.10 yet but i'm at work and i have to wait till i go home for eating something!:)

My little Rusty, he looks very healthy and satisfied with food eh?:)

The World According To Me said...


My internet is down at home, hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. I am missing blog reading and writing! I'm in my local library at the mo, I popped in on my way back from a publishing seminar. I haven't eaten since this morning and seeing your lovely food pictures has reminded me how hungry I am! I'm off home to eat.

Hope all is good with you.

Nick Phillips said...

That chicken looks delicious :D And Rusty looks like he's contented with life ... hehehe ..