Monday, 9 February 2009


Before I left my office this afternoon, I made a list and I checked it twice. I wanted to be sure my trip to town was a fruitful one. First I went to a shophouse in Liang Seah Street to source for packaging materials. No success.

Then I walked to Tan Quee Lan Street to look at another store. Alas, nothing suitable.

The sun was beating down on me but I decided to walk to Bras Basah Complex. I walked up and down the building, again no luck. Then I walked to National Library and borrowed two gardening books. They may not be the best but it feels good to walk out with something useful.

I went back to Bugis Junction where I parked my car. There were lots of sales going on at the boutiques and shoe stores but funny, they don't tempt me. I left the mall without any shopping bags.

I decided to give North Bridge Road a last shot because I remember seeing a store there. I slowed down and scanned at the row of shop houses...Nada. They must have moved away.

Such an unproductive afternoon. Good thing I have the books. At least I can read about farming techniques and dream about veggies tonight.


Burcu said...

:) The opposite could be. Even you don't need, you could buy many things without any use! And money is still in your pocket:)
Why didn't you start your day by going to beauty parlour and have your nails manicured ?

Believe me it works!


Blur Ting said...

Hi Burcu, you're always such a positive influence! I don't manicure my nails because I will ruin them when I work out in the garden. Thanks for the suggestion!