Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bleary eyed

I went back to the farm yesterday afternoon to tape another 20 carton boxes so that we can dive straight into packing this Saturday. We should be able to finish packing another 700 kits, albeit faster this time.

Man, I feel so tired today. My eyes can barely stay open as I sit here at my desk. It's only 10am and I'm tempted to have another cup of coffee to keep myself awake.

YK received his final results this morning. He's happy and has gone out to celebrate with his friends. They have been treating the first semester like a honeymoon, and I'm sure he can do better if he gets his act together. I had warned him that the next semester will only get tougher.

I've been meaning to bring him on a mini-vacation before his new term starts in October. "Who's going to take care of my marine tank and Rusty?"

"The corals and fishes can go without food for a week. Rusty can go live in the boarding house." I replied.

After contemplating, he's willing to forgo the vacation unless I'm insistent on going that is. Well, a beach holiday would be nice but I guess we'll just wait a little longer. Who knows how long I can wait? I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I leave him behind with the pets.

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