Sunday, 27 September 2009

A day in the life of Blur Ting

I'm beginning to feel more and more like a blue collar worker. I spent the whole Saturday packing soil and I was loading big carton boxes onto the delivery van last night. That's for the gardening business of course.

This morning, I was at a coffee roasting factory to view a shipping container that they wish to sell. After spending 10 minutes there, I walked out smelling like a giant coffee bean. The smell of coffee lingered in my hair and clothes for an hour or so. Even my car smells of coffee now.

Then I went to a huge expressway construction site along East Coast to view another container office. I drove along a long and dusty road, feeling so tiny amongst the huge trucks and cement mixers ferrying materials to the work site.

That's not the worst part. I arrived at the site office, parked my car and hopped on the foreman's truck. Then he drove through the bumpiest unpaved road filled with massive portholes to get to the container office.

I was lurching about in the truck, I almost threw up. When we arrived at the site, I had to wear a helmet like the worker below. Mine was a yellow one. The foreman was kind enough to select the cleanest one :-)

The weather today is hot! I felt so sorry for the people working under the blistering heat. I was there for barely 30 minutes and I could feel the strain. I was in my dress and espadrilles, and the workers feared that I would trip and fall as I went about surveying the container.

Maybe because my job has been getting more labourious, I have been desperately looking for feminine dresses and clothes when I'm out shopping. The clothes that I've recently acquired reek of feminity and my hair is getting way too long, it's becoming too impractical. I see this as a fear of losing my feminity. But still, the other part of me screams that I need a haircut. I think I'll go for a trim this evening.

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