Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Chicken casserole

The nearest wet market is closed for renovations during the next three weeks. For the time being, I'll be relying on the supermarket for fresh food. I don't think their seafood and vegetables are quite as fresh, so I have been stocking up my fridge with frozen food like chicken, cod and dory.

As a result, tonight's dinner is slightly different. After the dory fillets have been thawed, I seasoned them with garlic pepper before pan-frying in olive oil and butter. When they've become nicely browned and fragrant, I squeezed some lemon juice over the succulent pieces.

Instead of leafy greens, I've bought cabbage, french beans, potatoes, turnip and other vegetables that do not perish quickly. Tonight, I made a simple vegetable dish using cabbage, beans and canned sweetcorn.

Since I was home early, I had more than enough time to make chicken casserole. I browned two pieces of chicken fillets in a pan. Then I added sliced onion, celery and potatoes and cooked for about ten minutes. I carefully layered the casserole dish with the cooked ingredients before topping off with sliced button mushrooms and canned mushroom soup.

I covered the dish with a piece of aluminium foil and placed it into the oven for an hour. It may be my first attempt but the dish turned out lovely!

And here is SK's plate piled with so much food, the rice is not even visible!


EE said...

You are making me drool at those food! I am feeling so hungry now...

k@Ye_ said...

Like EE, i m hungry too!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

food posts from u always warm the cockles of the heart and the clams of the stomach.

erm, corny. hehehe.....but u get the gist. *WIDE GRIN*

charlie hotel said...

I had burger on toast.