Monday, 21 September 2009


My fingers are stiff and achy from taping carton boxes yesterday. Who would imagine securing carton boxes with sticky tape could be so strenuous? Maybe it's just age catching up on me or could the process of lugging carton boxes around be taking a toll on my body?

I'm not complaining because I love doing physical work like this every now and then. For once, we didn't have to use our brains very much. We were joking that we could become quite retarded if it becomes a full time job. Last night, CH even found the entire exercise 'oddly fun'. I guess if I make him help out every weekend, it wouldn't be fun anymore!

We're already half way through with the packing. One more session this weekend, and we're ready to get the delivery guys in. In fact, we're very encouraged by the good response from the schools in Singapore.

Looking back, it took us months of research and brainstorming to get the product ready. It helps that my parents are so supportive and liberal in letting us use the facilities and resources anytime we like. We've practically invaded every area we possibly could, from the farm to the store, warehouse and even the kitchen.

We don't have many photos of us at work but here, you can see best friend blending soil in a big tub according to our 'secret' recipe. It's a very tiring job but she's a strong and fit girl.

As usual, cute Cookie was amused with the sudden flurry of activity around him. He must have been annoyed that his peace was interrupted all day.

Our tenant's tiny chihuahua kept running over to sniff at our feet, wondering what the fuss was all about.

Oh well, the dogs can sleep soundly again today. They had better enjoy the peace because we'll be back on Saturday to complete the packing. And then, we can sit back and hear the cash register go kaching!