Tuesday, 29 September 2009

YK's marine tank

I got home early today after another delivery run. Since nobody was home, I decided to park myself in the living room instead of retreating to my bedroom as usual. It was quiet save for the sound of water from YK's marine tank.

From where I was sitting, I suddenly realised how gorgeous his tank is. For a while I was mersmerised by the sight of colourful fishes swimming about and coral tentacles waving in all directions.

Now I understand why YK is so enamoured with his tank, so much so that he intends to learn scuba diving so that he can explore a real marine reef some day.

In less than a year, he has become quite an expert as he reads extensively about marine life. Some friends think I'm too indulgent, saying this is an expensive hobby for a teenager. While I agree it's not cheap, YK uses his savings and allowance to fund his hobby.

Well, insteading of spending frivolously on arcade games, clothes and food, he has aquired lots of knowledge and met many other reefers on the forum. Besides, the tank keeps him busy and teaches him discipline. I think it's a pretty decent hobby afterall.

Front view. My digital camera doesn't do enough justice to the beauty of the tank.

Side view.


Anonymous said...

OMG I cant even begin to show my brother-in-law or Papa Bean that tank! It is so beautiful and yes it is expensive, but good hobby for teenagers...other than drinking or games...etc... I agree totally! Recently Papa Bean is into the freshwater fish...as evident by my banner... *sigh* but it IS mesmerizing and smoothing in an odd way.

petunialee said...