Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Old times' sake

Out of a sudden, CH started reminiscing about the food at Purvis Street. When his office was in one of those beautifully conserved shophouses several years ago, we used to meet at the Kopitiam for breakfast especially on rainy mornings.

Well, we decided to revisit the cafe today for old times' sake. The street was quieter than usual when we arrived at 7.15am, largely due to some road closures for the F1 race this weekend. Other than some newly sprouted cafes, everything else looked pretty much the same.

The thick and rich coffee at Killiney still tastes as aromatic and satisfying as before. My favourite yam cake didn't disappoint either. We ate and read the papers like everyone else. The freak dust storm in Australia kept me so engrossed that when I lifted my head, the sky outside had suddenly turned dark and threatening, as if I was caught in the Sydney storm. Then it started to rain.

That's how unpredictable our tropical weather is. Of course I also read that Lewis Hamilton and the other drivers will be checking out the F1 track today. I hope the rain doesn't hamper their plans.

On the way to the car, we stopped by Garibaldi Restaurant to check out the menu. This highly acclaimed restaurant has always been here yet we had never made any attempt to try their award winning Italian dishes. CH suggested we should eat there one day. Perhaps we should, when he starts reminiscing about the food on Purvis Street again.

When we left the city, the roads were wet and strewn with fallen leaves. It brought back memories of our breakfasts together. Just like old times.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Hhhmmm, there used be to a good Thai restaurant in Purvis Street, is it still there? Oh wait, maybe I got the street name mixed up.

charlie hotel said...

You're right MH. There was. Don't recall seeing it this morning.

WaterLearner said...

wow ... breakfast pat tor!!