Monday, 21 September 2009

Our little sideline

After a long hard day of work at the farm, I am finally winding down with a cold refreshing glass of Choya honey plum wine.

Best friend, CH and I spent all day assembling gardening kits for pre-schools. It's back-breaking work but we enjoyed the process thoroughly. I managed to lose some weight and tone some muscles in the last two weeks!

The company is still in its infancy stage, so we're doing everything ourselves. From sifting soil to pasting labels and packing carton boxes, we've done it all. Fortunately it's a public holiday or else it wouldn't make economic sense for us to apply annual leave to pack gardening soil from dawn to dusk. I guess we just have to start somewhere. We constantly remind ourselves Bill Gates started his business in the backyard too.

Midway through our packing, I received a message from my reader Petunia asking if I was alright. I haven't been updating my blog and didn't think anyone would notice my absence. I must apologise for making anyone worried. Don't worry, I'm alive and kicking! It's not that easy to get rid of me you know!

I'm bushed after all the physical work, and I'm sure the other guys must be worn out too. If this business proves to be successful, I have many people to thank especially CH who has been so supportive all along. He could have spent the holiday doing something more interesting than packing soil, yet he toiled quietly without a sigh. I'm a really lucky girl!


The Real Mother Hen said...

Way to go Ting! Wish you success in your venture.

huier said...

The power of LOVE! =)

EE said...

Would love to see some pics!

WaterLearner said...

Wow, glad that the production managed to rush out the order over the long weekend! All the way, gal!!