Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Working with leftovers

I cooked too much last night and ended up with lots of leftovers today. Guess what I did with the chicken casserole? I converted it into a fish casserole!

I sauteed some fresh button mushroom in garlic and olive oil which I then poured into the casserole dish. Afterwhich I added the cooked dory slices from last night's dinner, some sliced potatoes and topped with the leftover casserole. The dish was covered with aluminium foil before being sent into the oven for an hour.

The fish became more delicious after soaking in the juice from the fresh mushroom, everyone has fallen in love with casserole now.

We had so much leftover cabbage too, I simply added more fresh cabbage and sweetcorn (fresh from the cob) to jazz up the dish. Indeed, the crunchy and juicy corn made the dish extra delicious!

The only new dish was ngoh hiang (meat rolls) made using minced pork, shrimps, chopped water chestnut, onion and shallots. It was so well received that Rusty didn't get to eat any.

Thank goodness we have no leftover food tonight. I don't really like working with leftovers.


Anonymous said...

Ur talk of food is making me hungry kiddo!

WaterLearner said...

You should go into some homemade filled-with-goodness industry you know.

petunialee said...

I dun like leftovers either but you're such a smart cook... like those enterprising Southern women from Georgia... who can make elegance out of nothing at all.

Nick Phillips said...

I actually like leftover, the eating part that is :D