Sunday 1 July 2007

Active Sunday

How my Sunday pans out depends a lot on the kids’ schedule. So there I was, driving YK to school at 6.45am to attend a Scrabble Tournament.

Scanning around on an early Sunday morning, I saw 2 types of people out and about... those heading to the market or to the park.

Well, I should go to East Coast Park then! I had to drag CH along of course. Poor thing! He was out with the guys until 4am last night but no excuse, we have to train for our 10K Singapore Passion Run next week.

It was the right thing to do. Lots of hot bods were already there... runners and triathletes. We did our 45-minute run and drove to Changi Village which has some of the best breakfast food. Nobody makes peanut pancake like my favourite stall here. Every bite into the warm and soft pancake, generously filled with freshly roasted peanut, crushed and mixed with granulated sugar, is so satisfying.

The fried carrot cake is so good too. This stall does it so well, and is so generous with the eggs and sweet sauce, I think it’s one of the best in Singapore. Well, not everything is good here though. CH’s prata was a big disappointment. The 2 pieces of pratas were cold and the gravy was miserably bland. For a guy who's not too fussy, it must have been bad because he couldn’t even finish one piece.

I got home just in time to send SK for Chinese tuition. I could spend the next 3 hours (a) shopping (b) running or (c) doing nothing. So I went running. I ran at Bukit Batok park, then went across to Bukit Timah Hill, climbed up to the peak (it's only 163 metres high) and made my way back to the tutor’s house.

I’m so tired after such an active day but it’s almost 5pm…. time to go pick YK. Looks like I have to forgo that nap.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh.. busy Sunday. Hate it when naps get taken out of the schedule!

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