Sunday, 15 July 2007

Little India surprises

Last Saturday morning, we went for a walk around Little India. I should be so familiar with this area by now, yet we discovered an alley that we've never walked before.

That's what I like about Little is always full of surprises, there's life in every street, back alley, nook and cranny. I can never get tired of this place!
We forgot our cameras but I've got my phone camera! Ready or not, I'm going to shoot!
The kernels of these old coconuts will be ground and squeezed to produce coconut milk.
The Indians use lots of carrots in their curry dishes.
Bitter gourd.
Pumpkin, squash and snake bean.
Bananas in all shapes and sizes. Even huge ones!
Incense holders.
Indians burn incense on these little burners to ward off evil spirits and purify the air in their house.
Ripe bananas hanging outside a 'goreng pisang' (fried banana fritters) store.
A typical 5-foot way (corridor) in Little India. Indian woman selling flowers.
Buying flowers on a daily basis is an Indian tradition. These garlands are used for worship or to decorate their hair. The fragrant smell of jasmine fills the air.
Parts of the banana flower are used in Indian cooking.
Dried chillies are used in making curries.
Dried pepper corn.
A picture framing shop in Little India.
The shop sells Indian art pieces too.
Office/house in the quiet street just around the corner.
An outdoor altar decorated with colourful garlands.
Buying canned drinks from an old-style grocery store.
Beautifully conserved houses in the residential zone.
The famous Rex Theatre of long ago is now a bar.Old buildings making way for new ones...
The cluster of shops in Little India Arcade sells knick-knacks and souvenirs to the tourists.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I've been there! And ur cell phone takes great photos! The next best thing to the real India...which I don't necessarily want to go to again...thank you...

Blur Ting said...

Thanks! I had to do some sharpening of photos in the software but I'm happy with the phone camera.

Some parts of Little India are more interesting than others. I tend to avoid the stinky, messy areas. But generally, it's pretty clean and pleasant place to go to.

BTW hope you're enjoying your holiday.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...hubby and Aly just went off to the indoor I get a chance to blog and have some down time.. Now that the typhoon is over..another part of Japan has been hit by an earthquake.Lord, what'll happen next???

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful rich colors, Blur. You should be a professional photographar.

Blur Ting said...

Thanks Holly, for the nice compliment! I have an eye for colourful things but I can't make it as a pro. The professionally taken pictures have that depth of field and clarity that our point-and-shoot cameras can't achieve. Plus I am not technically inclined, so the shutter speed and all that jazz just make me so blur.