Thursday 19 July 2007

Creative blogger!

Today's not exactly the greatest day for me. I brought mum to the ENT department in the hospital to check on the sudden loss of hearing in one ear. The doctor checked and suspected a tumour growing on a nerve in her ear and wanted her to do an MRI scan next week. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

So, I'm definitely cheered to see the Creative Blogger Award from HollyGL! Now that I have redesigned the blog, I feel more confident about receiving this award. Thanks Holly!

Some of my favourite bloggers deserve this award for they are always surprising us with new looks, formats, photos, creative and entertaining stuff. Two blogs that come to mind immediately are:
New Beginnings and Mooiness.
I must have missed out a couple of creative bloggers but my mind is not really here right now...

The rules are:
1) If you have received an award simply choose either the dark or light background image and save it to your files, then post it proudly on your blog!
2) Pass the award on to five other people, you can choose any of the awards from the series, you do not have to pass out the exact award you received. Choose whichever of the awards below that you'd like to give out. You can give out one of each or five of the same one, whatever you prefer.
3) You can change the size and color of awards to suit your blog, that's up to you, it's your blog, just leave the titles the same.
4) Please link back to this post so that people can read these rules and so that the meanings of the awards will not be lost.


Anonymous said...

Geez...I'm really happy to get this from ya...but worried about ur mum. Hope all is well and it's just a thing that can be taken care of quickly. Prayers are with ya.

Blur Ting said...

Thanks JY! I hope so too.

mooiness said...

Thank ye thank ye for another award. Hope your mom's tumour can be easily excised. Take care and all the best.

Epimenides said...

Congrats for your award ting! Many wishes for your mom's health!!!

SOUL said...

i hope your mom is alright.
congrats on your award! (i'm kinda new, but that's still kool)

Anonymous said...

You so deserve this recognition, Blur. Your blog is such a treat visually as well as through your writing.

Blur Ting said...

Once again, thank you all my blogger buddies!

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