Tuesday 17 July 2007


1.40pm - I was rushing back to the office on this rainy afternoon, like everyone else around me. Suddenly, the cars ahead started to slow down. Glancing in the opposite direction of the highway, a shiny new car had just skidded off the road, crashed through the metal railing and rammed into a big tree. The entire front bonnet was totally wrecked!

The driver, in his smart army uniform, was leaning against the railing with his head in his hands. He was still in shock but had miraculously escaped unscathed. I guess it helped that he was driving a new VolksWagen Passat.

The accident made my hair stand for a long while. All the rubberneckers, including me, sobered up and continued driving, within the speed limit.

Sadly, it always takes a bad crash scene to drive home the message.


Anonymous said...

Bad Blur...bad blur...no more speeding!

Jason h said...

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