Friday 6 July 2007

Food for thought

Saturday morning, I was roused from my sleep by YK and Rusty. What? It's already 9am! I am usually an early riser... must be the rainy morning and my late night.

We met a couple of friends at Harry's Bar last night. For once, the bar was smoke-free, thanks to the smoking ban which started yesterday. The poor smokers though... now they hang around the trash cans during smoke breaks.

YK's hungry already. Rummaging through the fridge, I found enough stuff to put together for a pasta dish. While he's having his spaghetti with prawns and beans (yes, beans), I'm thinking of Mother Hen and roast duck. She's so right. Food helps us to remember. When I try to recall my first date with CH, I remember what we drank, followed by what we ate on our second date. When we travel, it's always easy to recall what we ate in each place.

I'm going to think about food for a while, so that I can come back and blog about it later.

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