Saturday 14 July 2007

My Secret Garden

CH's birthday is around the corner, tomorrow to be exact. I still haven't bought anything. He said it's ok. Having my company is more than enough. Of course I take it literally. I'm an opportunist.

Ok, so I treated him to dinner on Friday night at My Secret Garden. It's such a secret location, we could hardly find it the first time we were there to attend a wedding. Hidden in the artsy arena of Sculpture Square and surrounded by lush greenery, My Secret Garden is famous for it's European cuisine.

As we walked through the cobbled courtyard, past the lush al fresco haven, we were enthralled by the casually romantic ambience, countless candle flames flickering all around and soft romantic music in the background.

We were ushered to the indoor dining area where many couples were dining quietly. For appetizers, CH had lobster bisque which had nice bits of fresh lobster in the creamy soup. Mine was battered fresh button mushrooms served with mayonnaise. All very yummy.

I’ve heard so much about their famous Oxtail soup that I insisted CH must try. It was a generous serving. Though I’m not a big fan of oxtail, I thought it was really nicely done, with a melt-in-the-mouth texture. The mashed potato that was served together was so deliciously buttery, I was stealing his, ignoring my own boiled potatoes that came with the grilled dory.

But my favourite of the night was the bread pudding. It’s not exactly the kind of dessert I would go for but since the staff highly recommended it, why not? The piping hot and fragrant piece of pudding arrived together with a small jug of warm custard cream. I drowned the entire pudding with the luscious cream and my God! Every mouthful was heavenly!

After a satisfying European dinner, we decided to end the night with supper at a Hong Kong Café. The shop was still bustling with people at 11.30pm. The extensive menu (388 items!) made choosing really hard.

Top left: Peanut butter thick toast. We ordered the one with pork floss. Top right: Crispy mango prawn roll . Below: Snowy Mountain Summit.

We finally ordered thick toast topped with savoury pork floss that these Hong Kong cafes are so well-known for. It was served warm, the saltiness of crunchy fluffy floss and sweetness of soft bread landed on my tongue, fused, and formed an incredible sensation...such a treat for the senses!

The mango prawn roll was another wonderful surprise. Slices of sweet mango and fresh succulent prawns, rolled together in a wrap that was fried till crispy. Finally, to cool off, we had shaved ice topped with sweetened jelly and red beans.

A lovely birthday treat for the birthday boy!


Epimenides said...

Goodness me ting! Mouthwatering stuff or what? Screw the calories! I'm going out for Sunday lunch!

Blur Ting said...

CH was just saying we sounded like pigs, eating through our Friday night! Of course we did some exercises in between, like walking.

Anonymous said...

LOVELY FOOD... I'm sure CH had a GOOD birthday...complements of his lovely wife!

The Real Mother Hen said...

WOW! Robin will die if he reads this! :)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Hold on, I thought his is on 17? It's only 15... so his is 16, not 17?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I was a little bit hungry when I first started reading this post. Now I'm STARVING!! ;)

Blur Ting said...

Yup MH, it's 17th. I kept thinling it's Mon when it should be Tues. Blur...