Sunday, 8 July 2007

Going green

The 24-hour worldwide music marathon to rally support for the environment is over. Spanning seven continents, it has generated a lot of hype but it left behind heaps of rubbish at the concert grounds.

It’s a noble effort. I mean for once, it has caught the attention of teenagers who are mostly nonchalant about such things. This morning YK asked if having this concert really helps the environment. Or if one person’s small effort can really make a difference when the factories in China are coughing out pollutants 24/7. What kind of drastic changes can one expect to see in 50 years time? Will the world be better off then?

I don’t really have the right answers for our young man. I can only tell him that if nobody starts advocating or changing his habits from today, the world will be a lot worse off in 50 years. Our environment is probably not going to get better, but it needs any help it can get to slow down the deterioration.

Our local journalist’s review of the music marathon made me laugh so hard. He is already a convert. He said “I tried to live green (he means eat his vege) and emit less gas (fart). But I think the message and the show went on a bit too long. Another minute more and I would have turned blue.”

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him then.


Anonymous said...

Going green means no more beans....!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Yes one person can make the difference :)