Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Distracted shopper

I picked YK from school today. "Let's go to the mall. I need to get a new pencil case and some stationery", he said.

Great, I need to buy a gift for CH's birthday anyway. Off we went, to Bugis Junction. YK headed straight to the Wallet Shop while I wandered into Seiyu's shoe department. Think I'll check out some shoes first before I get down to finding that gift. I have plenty of time. After strutting around the store trying strappy sandals in all shades and designs, I walked out carrying a bag with a new pair of shoes.

Maybe I can find something CH likes in Muji. Not sure about him but I love the minimalist, nondescript stuff that's found in this Japanese store. The company's full name, Mujirushi Ryōhin, translates to "No Brand Quality Goods". Everything looks so simple and chic, though slightly pricey.

Ah, a black suede bag caught my eye. Oh, it looks so good on me. There's a hefty discount too! Ka-ching! Another purchase.

Oh shit! I'd better start looking seriously now. No more distractions. Ring! Ring! It's YK. He's ready to go home. How time flies... we have to rush home for dinner.

Guess I'll look another day. I still have time...

I know, I'll wear the new shoes and carry this bag on his birthday. But it's his birthday, not mine.... I'm sure he'll understand.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Knowing CH, seeing you in such a good spirit is already the best gift :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you need to look stylin' when you do present your gift.

Anonymous said...

But you know, you have to buy YOURSELF presents on CH's b-day because you put up with him everyday!!! Ha Ha... just kidding. Hope he has a good birthday. I've not met him..but wish him a good day for me.

Blur Ting said...

Thanks ladies! There's always a good excuse when it comes to shopping! :-)

Actually I don't have much time cos his birthday is really just around the corner....but knowing him, he'll understand.

I'll just smile abit more than usual :-D

Mike Minzes said...

Please tell me you were on Orchard road??? What a great place to shop!!!!!! Stores everywhere!!! So many stores, so much to shop for, so little time!!! I love Singapore!!

Blur Ting said...

Hi Mike. I was quite close to Orchard Road. You're right. It's a shopping paradise. But we have some more new malls now. You'd be so happy!