Thursday 6 August 2009

Heart stopping

The schools are celebrating National Day today. SK went to school in red and white, the colours of our flag. As I was walking near my office this morning, lots of little kids were streaming out of a primary school after the celebrations, excited to be let out much earlier than usual.

Three adorable kids, maybe 7 years old, were running along the pavement. Then without warning, they dashed across the road and found themselves in the middle of 2 busy roads. I stood there watching, fearing for their lives.

They were waiting impatiently for the road to clear so that could cross to the other side. I watched them like a hawk, in case they do something reckless. The road was very busy and the cars were traveling so quickly. Suddenly one of them saw the bus approaching.

Without much hesitation, the three excited kids dashed across the road. Thank goodness none of them tripped or fell, or they could most certainly find themselves under the wheels of the red car speeding down the lane.

I let out a loud gasp! When they made it safely to my side of the road, I reprimanded them, "Don't do this again in future! Use the bridge!"

Like kids their age, they were too distracted to listen. They simply ignored me and ran straight up the bus. Incredible!

They may be lucky this time. This has always been my greatest fear when my kids were little. Now that they're older, I still remind them from time to time to watch out for cars. Thank goodness they are not the kind who dash around like a headless chicken or I'll always be worrying about their safety.


auntielucia said...

Blur, I always worry abt pedestrians when I drive and wish they realise what awful things can happen to their lives (and those of their loved ones) if they behave recklessly in the face of traffic. As a diver, I always pray that nothing will happen -- becos I can't live with the thought of maiming or killing someone, even if the court shld rule later that the victim was at fault.

Blur Ting said...

Auntie Lucia - Exactly! The thought of knocking down someone terrifies me even though I may not be the one at fault. I feel that pedestrians are getting bolder and more reckless these days.

qa said...

I guess it happened that day because they were rather excited and forgot about what their teachers have taught them about safety first.

Maybe on normal days they have student traffic marshals outside the gate.

Blur Ting said...

Qa - You have a point. I do worry for these little kids!