Thursday, 20 August 2009

Proud pet owner

Before I had Rusty, I could never understand why people fuss over their dogs. I scratched my head when I saw friends sobbing uncontrollably when their dogs died.

I grew up with dogs around me all my life. What we had were mostly mongrels that somehow strayed into our yard and stayed behind. While they were very much part of our lives, they slept outside and didn't require much attention.

Maybe it is the amount of care we've lavished on Rusty, we constantly worry about the day when he has to go to doggie heaven. He's more than a pet, he's like family now.

Imagine his face is the first I see when I am awake. Like my personal trainer, he forces me to go for long walks whether I am in the mood or not. He is the one I worry about most when it comes to mealtime because unlike the kids, he can't make his own dinner.

Rusty never talks back even when I growl at him. He's loving and sweet all the time and never demands anything from me.

When I heard about Rusti Run from CH, I signed up immediately. Surely Rusty must support an event called Rusti run right? I got in touch with the organiser who had named the Run after her late dog Rusti. Now my little Rusty is her new furry friend. When I saw Rusty's photo on her website, I was filled with pride. (

It sounds rather silly the way I gush about Rusty. Now I can finally understand why pet owners or proud mommies behave this way. Well, we can't help it, just bear with us.


WaterLearner said...

I have a few friends who are pet lovers and they just can't stop talking about their dogs too. You can see that the wall paper of their notebook or mobile phones are not their family members. Many have pictures of their dogs! Yours too?

p.s. I am on no-reason-but-just-feel-like-taking-leave :-)

Blur Ting said...

hey Karen - I guess you would feel the same way when you have your own pet. It's the maternal instinct in us :-)

Hey, taking day offs like this is good you know. Even though I am working on my own, I declare off days every now and then. Somehow, setting aside a day like this is very liberating. I don't have to worry about what goes on at work and do only the things I like.

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

oh yes, pets will just melt any animal lover, even if some ain't allowed to have any at home but only in their own den 4 years later = me.

if i see a dog or cat, i notice it 1st than its owner.


i can't wait to meet dear Rusty leh! =)))))))

Blur Ting said...

Fry - Yes, I know. I can only recognise the dogs during my walks, not the owners!

Soon, soon... you will see Rusty, He's getting a little too chubby :-P

WaterLearner said...

I just checked out Rusty's picture on Rusti's page. Yeah ... Rusty is getting kind of chubby indeed! Good food and healthy lifestyle lor ..

The Real Mother Hen said...

I know many friends who can't do things because of the pet... like they can't travel unless it's extremely necessary, and when they are out, they have to rush home to feed the pet etc. The responsibility can be quite tormenting - that's from a person who's petless :)