Friday, 21 August 2009

Training the dog

Not only have I signed Rusty up for the 3km dog run, I've managed to drag CH into this as well.

"You've signed me up to help you carry Rusty right? Are you going to use a dog harness or stroller?" he teased.

"Rusty can run faster than you ok!" I retorted. "...if he doesn't stop to pee that is."

This is a dog run. Rusty will run like a dog should!

"Well then, you had better start training him so he doesn't get distracted during the event.", he addded helpfully.

So, we start training along the canal this morning. "Let's go Rusty!" I tug his leash as I break into a run. He trots along nonchalantly, sneaks into the bushes and lifts his leg up to pee.

Ok, fine. The dog has to pee after spending all night in the apartment. But why does he have to stop every 10 metres?! We run for 30 seconds, stop and linger by the lamp-post or tree for 10 seconds. Then repeat again.

This is getting exasperating. He not only pees, he checks out other dogs' pee. Then he stops to crap. Great! That takes one minute. As if this is not bad enough, he backtracks to check out spots we had missed earlier. Now what!

"Come on Rusty, run!" I plead.

The training is not working out. At the rate we're going, a 3-km run which normally takes 20 minutes to complete is going to take us an hour!

We finally arrive at the gate after 45 minutes. He is already panting and we've only covered 1.5km. In a nutshell, he had only spent 10 minutes running and 40 minutes sniffing the ground. But hey, he's a jack russell, he walks with his nose to the ground.

For once, he looks really happy to head home. If only he knew that from now on, his walks are no longer going to be a stroll in the park. The training has already begun!


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

Honeycake Rusty, prove that you are made of.....steel! you is not lembeh one!

kekekeke..... =P

k@Ye_ said...

Haha... Ting jiayou! Rusty jiayou! :)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Go Rusty, Go Rusty, we're all cheering for him.

Amel said...

GOOD LUCK in training Rusty! :-D