Wednesday 5 November 2008

Indecisive shopper

Mum has another 2 hour plus of dental treatment today, the third day in a row this week. Now, if you're wondering how I've been spending my time... well, I fritter those hours away by going shopping. I can't help it as the clinic is located right smack in the middle of Orchard Road, the infamous shopping belt of Singapore. All the designer labels are just steps away.

Have I succumbed to temptation yet? I'm surprised the answer is NO. Now that I have new found priorities, clothes and shoes no longer tempt me. It would have been a different story a year ago.

This may be a good sign but really, I do think my wardrobe badly needs an overhaul. I've been wearing stretchy black tee paired with khaki skirts of various lengths to work all week, the security guard at my office building is beginning to think that's our corporate attire. And those sandals that I wear everyday, they're part of my uniform too.

Yah, it's time for a makeover. I scoured through the racks and racks of dresses at Studio Tangs and couldn't decide on anything. Either they're too tight, too sexy, too loud, too revealing or too anything, I walked out with nothing.

I'm also looking for a pair of comfy shoes. I must have seen a thousand pairs and I'm still stuck wearing my old sandals. It's getting embarrasing when I'm trying a pair at the shoe store. I just hope I can finally find the one before my old one falls apart.

To be honest, I almost found it yesterday. It's a pair of Clarks. While size 5 is too tight, size 6 is too roomy. They have nothing in between. I knew it was the one for me, yet I couldn't decide. I'm reluctant to part with $135 but I'll happily fork out $300 to get a new phone for SK or pay $25 for two tubs of ice cream.

I have been thinking about the pair of shoes since I got back. That's a sign that I really like it. I guess I'll go back to the store and bring it home today. Or Maybe I should just walk a little bit more. I may find another one more lovely. Better still, I could find the same one at a discounted price elsewhere.


Amel said...

Yes, go search in some other stores, esp. if you have time to do that...browse around and you may find something as nice at a discounted price he he he...

We all have different priorities when it comes to spending money, don't we? ;-D

Michelle said...

I hate buying shoes - I have fussy feet that blister easily. So when I find shoes I like and are comfy I wear them till they fall apart from old age!

Hope your mom's teeth are all sorted soon now.

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