Thursday 13 November 2008


How fast, it's Friday already. And a nice one at that. For a start, it wasn't raining when I got up this morning (it's monsoon season) and the school holidays has officially started. No more exam schedules to follow and trips to school!

The kids and I are treating their paternal granny to lunch today. I have not mentioned about her in my blog so far but yah, she's alive and kicking. In fact, it's her birthday and we're going for dimsum.

She's in her late 60s and is a tough cookie. Her philandering husband left her when the 4 kids were little and she raised them single-handedly, slogging from day to night, often holding on to three jobs to make ends meet. As a result, she had little time for her kids. It's a wonder they turned out fine. To be fair, my ex isn't evil or anything, just misguided. Anyway, we're not talking about him today.

She doesn't see my kids very much and misses them dearly because she lived with us when they were little. After the divorce, I bring them to visit her from time to time. With everyone's busy schedules, the visits started dwindling. The kids will tower over her now!

Tonight, CH and I are attending his partner Watson's wedding. Watson is a professional photographer who has shot for many wedding couples but tonight, it's his turn to be in the spotlight. It will be a fun evening. Maybe I'll see some familiar faces.

That's the roundup for today. I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.


Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Have a great time at the wedding :D

The World According To Me said...

How was the wedding? Wow, a professional photographer. My dream job!

Happy weekend. Mine hasn't started yet. I am literally counting the hours until it begins!

Amel said...

HAPPY Birthday for Granny and have FUN at the wedding!

I always wonder, though...if a photographer gets married, who will he or she choose as the wedding photographer? He he he...

Have a blessed weekend! I can't wait to go to my in-laws again tomorrow. Hope I can make a snowman again hi hi...

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