Sunday 23 November 2008

Weather woes

Living in the tropics, we're often at the weather's mercy. Yesterday afternoon, my brother's family came to visit in the afternoon. The weather was perfectly fine when we went downstairs for a stroll. Suddenly without any warning, the rain started pouring in buckets, we were all drenched within minutes. There was no time to dash to the shelter. Their jeans and t-shirts were soaked. At least I could change into dry clothes almost immediately whereas they had to endure the drive home. I hope none of them caught a cold.

I spent the rest of the afternoon packing for my trip. I can't believe how I'm trying to squeeze a week's clothing into a small backpack (below). Well meaning friends have been advising me to bring enough winter clothes but I'm traveling light this time.

I have a connecting flight in Heathrow, London. When I arrive in Hamburg, I have to rush to the hotel, leave my stuff and head to the convention. I don't want to stand at the baggage belt waiting for hours.

I remember that year the kids and I landed in Munich to find that our luggage were still stuck in Paris. The weather was -17 degree C. Thank goodness the kids were quite adequately dressed but I had left my winter coat in the baggage. We braved the cold and went to the city centre, trudging through a thick layer of snow and ended up spending a bomb on winter clothes. Because our baggage arrived at the hotel barely 24 hours later, we couldn't claim for delayed baggage allowance. Oh well. I have learned my lesson about connecting flights.

In France last year, we waited for our baggage to appear from the archaic baggage belt for more than an hour! If you're not traveling first class or priority, your baggage gets herded around like a flock of sheep that may sometimes stray or get lost.

So, with all these lessons in mind, I am going to hand carry this time so that I can grab a cab the moment I clear immigration. I don't like lugging a cabin bag with wheels as I will be traveling about UK on a train. It's going to be a small backpack this time. Trouble is, I wonder how I can fit everything in. And with every passing day, I find new things to bring.


WaterLearner said...


I don't think this will do. My colleague just got back from London and she is showing photos of her all wrapped up. Hamburg's weather ain't going to be very much more merciful than England. You can still hand carry. But I would advise thicker clothes.

Blur Ting said...

Hi Water - Don't worry. I have thermal, thick wool jacket and that wind/water tight blue jacket is a Goretex which high altitude climbers wear. Plus I have wooly neck warmers and hat. Oh, and lots of layering helps too.

Now that you mentioned it, I'll also bring my leather jacket which is bulky but it will come in useful.

Anonymous said...

Yep...just be sure that in the bag or carry-on, you have weather resistant stuff...that way if your luggage does "head south" for the'll be able to make do! I know how you feel... I "hate" checking in luggage..I just never know what will happen to it! Good luck and have a GOOD time! (and a hello to Pink ELephants....)

Amel said...

WOW!!!!!! You'll only bring that backpack? Well, hope everything goes well and you don't need to bring too much stuff back he he...