Wednesday 12 November 2008

Happy hours

Yippie! YK's doing his last paper today. He's elated and couldn't sleep all night. I wonder if it's the joy of finishing his exams or shopping for grad night after that. Afterall, this is the day he has been looking forward to all year.

CH asked if I had sat the boys down to explain about the depressed economy. Well, to be honest, I have not. Not when he's sitting for his exams. Whenever I start talking about money, his first reaction is always,"We're not going bankrupt, are we?"

I am certainly not looking forward to raining on his parade when he comes home exhilarated, with a bag of new clothes. Afterall, he deserves this and has been working so hard all year.

Today also marks the last day of SK's stint in school. He's also happy with his acquisition, a PSP slim that he had scrimped and saved for. He saved enough for a 2nd hand one which is not easy to find, so I topped up some money to help him buy a new one. In a way, he deserves this too. All these years, the kids have not hankered after an XBox or Playstation, toys that their friends grow up with. They do not spend alot on movies or at the arcade either.

Still, I'm going to sit them down tonight to talk about the economic situation. We're certainly not going bankrupt but everyone needs to tighten his belt in times like this. I'll also be breaking a piece of news that I have been keeping for weeks. It is my business trip to Hamburg to attend an annual Intermodal convention in December.

Why is it so important? In an industry where people come and go, it is crucial for me to be there to network with other industry players. I have attended several but skipped for two years. With the downturn, it is even more important for me to go make new contacts and reinforce old relationships. I am also hoping to get hold of a creditor who has been evading payment for years. Hopefully, catching him in a high profile event like this will finally force him to make some commitments.

Since I'm delivering a sober message to the kids, I shall also tell them to be more responsible around the house. Now that the school holidays has truly begun, Rusty will be coming over to stay and they should help care for their little pet. They should wash the dishes and do laundry too. To be fair, SK is already helping with the dishes and YK with the laundry (sometimes). I know this has nothing to do with the downturn but by helping around the house, they will make mummy a very happy person.

When mummy is happy, everyone is happy right?

By the way, I bought a new oven yesterday. It's not exactly the most perfect one but it can bake, roast, grill and toast. Best of all, it is so affordable. I think YK can spend many happy hours baking cakes and cookies while I am away.


mooiness said...

Regarding money, it sounds like you have instilled the right attitudes in your sons. That money does not come easy, that one should not spend beyond their means, and if you can't afford it now, then you should save for it.

With all that as foundation, everything else should sort itself out.

WaterLearner said...

It's good to discuss with your two boys on the current economic situation. I think they are old enough to understand and to take responsibility on the choice of purchases.

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

It's good that you're sitting with them and explaining things them. They're good boys and I'm sure they'll understand :D

I'm glad my boys don't push me to get something when I say I can't afford to get it for them.

Anonymous said...

Being realistic about the situation doesn't hurt the kids. And... asking them to do stuff around the house doesn't hurt either!

Amel said...

Well, it's not just good for Mommy, but it's good for your boys, too, when they learn to be you know that when you're not around, they can take good care of themselves. ;-D

And GOOD LUCK at the convention: not only to get more clients and rekindle old relationships, but also to get hold of the creditors!!!!

And you've done a GREAT job in teaching the kids to scrimp and save!!!!