Thursday, 27 November 2008

Falling apart

We're still reeling over the shocking Mumbai attacks that killed hundreds of innocent people. I often have romanticised visions of traveling across India on rail. Sadly the lure and charm of Bollywood could be tarnished from now on.

What about Thailand, the land of friendly smiles? There's chaos in Bangkok right now with protestors stomping over the international airports, forcing air traffic to ground to a halt. My brother and his family's holiday plans to Chiang Mai is no longer possible. I can imagine the kids' disappointment.

Last year, we cancelled our booking to Turkey after the bomb attack in Istanbul and lost a big chunk of money because we couldn't get a refund. One year, just as we were planning our vacation in Bali, there were three bomb attacks in the popular tourist areas. Till now, we have not been there.

The world is falling apart and reading about these things really sends a chill down the spine.


Burcu said...

Oh i am so sorry for what u had experienced about Turkey!

But i wanna tell you that, same thing happened to me once...3 years ago i decided to visit one of my friend in Lebanon/Beirut. It was just 3 days left to fly there...And when i woke up next day i saw on Tv that Lebanon is bombed and attacked...I had to cancel my flight because the airport was bombed, as well. But thanks God i could get my ticket payment back ( sometimes they don't pay back ).

Anyway, i just wanted to share my experience with you... But it's quite surprising that whenever u decide to go somewhere something happens and prevents u going there :P Maybe it's not the right time for you, no need to worry!

Keep yourself cool

Kisses and Hugs from Istanbul!!!

Blur Ting said...

Hi Burcu! Yah, it was so unfortunate that we couldn't make it. I would love to make a trip to Turkey soon. Then I can visit you! But really, I have read so much about the beautiful places there.

Some places that I had been to before like Sri Lanka are no longer that safe for tourist at the moment.

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

The world is really becoming a crazy place these days. What happened to peace and solidarity? The best and safest place to be these days are in your own home ...

Blur Ting said...

Nick - I think so too. Stay home.

Burcu said...

Yes but you know , those terror events, bomb attacks... these kind of things are unfortunately in everywhere. East part of Turkey is in trouble with that terror event everyday, i hear from tvs, i read from newspapers that everyday a lot of Turkish soldier die...Not only in Turkey, almost in all east countries.

But i advise you the south part of Turkey if you dare :)

They're quite beautiful and worth to see!!! And you're welcome whenever u want. It's my pleasure!

Anonymous said... is true.. I have been only once to Delhi.... and even scarier that they were targeting Americans and English!

The World According To Me said...


I'm sorry to read about your Turkish non refund and your brother and his families cancelled trip.

The world is indeed becoming a scary place. What happened to love thy neighbour?!

Amel said...

Indeed. Sometimes when hearing these news, I couldn't help thinking, "So if I were there at the wrong time and place, I could have been in trouble!"

And this type of incident really have a HUGE ripple effect, eh?

Katherine said...

I've longed to visit India for years now. The Hinduism, the temples, the village life are all things I wish to experience before I die. I have no illusions that any country is perfect. This attack really saddened me. Why are there so many mean people in the world?

Someone in our local paper had this to say--'Why doesn't anyone ever talk about what an Insane place India is?' S/he goes on to say things about Indians being over sensitive, filthy, etc.

The world isn't a safe place, is it? May peace find the families of the deceased and may it find the world as well.